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    White Knight Chronicles 2 for PS3 is Officially Announced

    White Knight Chronicles 2 was first revealed almost two months back, but today Level-5 has officially announced it for PS3.

    The latest issue of Famitsu magazine confirms the game title as White Knight Chronicles: The Awaken of the Light & Darkness, and the first trailer will be unveiled this week at the Tokyo Game Show.

    To quote: "The latest Famitsu issue officially revealed the sequel to White Knight Chronicles.

    Like its prequel, White Knight Chronicles - Awakening of the Light and Darkness will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3."

    More details to come tomorrow as TGS 2009 begins!

    White Knight Chronicles 2 for PS3 is Officially Announced

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    Wow, simply awesome.. but i never play the 1st game. I'm now waiting for the ENG version to come out !

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    i'm still waiting for the first part to be released in the "western" world and they're already working on the second one :/

    i really need to learn japanese

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    Ditto guys. Seemed interesting. Is it even releasing in the US?

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    I think SCEA stated at some videogame conference that they are bringing it over

    First quarter 2010 for White Knight 1 in the US.

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    From the trailers that ive seen looks like a good game, in which ps3 is lacking good games, unlike the ps2 where rpgs were plentiful with great games. Level 5 seems to be taking this game in the rigth path, and we can have confidence that the game will compliment the list of great games they had launched in recent years.

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