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    White 250GB Final Fantasy 13 PS3 Bundle Announced at TGS 2009

    Update: Some new images of the Final Fantasy 13 PS3 Bundle have now surfaced from

    Sony of Japan has just announced the very first 250GB PS3 bundle at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

    For 41,600 (versus 29,980 yen for the standard Japanese PS3), gamers in Japan will receive a limited edition Final Fantasy XIII console with a 250GB HDD and lightning across the the body.

    The PS3 normally ships with a 120GB hard drive, but the 250GB version has been rumored ever since the FCC leak. It will be available for purchase in Japan on December 17, 2009.

    To quote: "Sony is taking advantage of its exclusivity of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan by introducing a new bundle. For 41600 yen, Japanese gamers will get a special limited edition system with Lightning (the main character, not the weather condition) printed on the body. It'll be available for purchase on 12/17 (so importers, get ready!).

    In the meantime, you can download Final Fantasy VIII from the Japanese PlayStation Store for 1500 yen."

    White 250GB Final Fantasy 13 PS3 Bundle Announced at TGS 2009

    White 250GB Final Fantasy 13 PS3 Bundle Announced at TGS 2009

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    Now we're talking ....

    That design looks cool, but (in my very personal opinion) it would look a lot better if "lighthing" was painted in red or blue ... 'cause I'm not much of a fan of pink

    Anyway, it definitely is better than the "Door Mat" PS3 Slim, which by the way, yesterday I saw a really funny video on YouTube 'bout "PS3 Grill vs PS3 The Door Mat" hahaha ... so stupid but hilarious ..... 'cause it's true.

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