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    Where are all the PlayStation 3 RPGs?

    The PlayStation 2, being known as a Japanese console, was famous for the amount of Japanese and Western RPGs in it's library. With games like Kingdom Hearts I, Kingdom Hearts II, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Persona 3, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Wild Arms 3, Final Fantasy X, and Suikoden III, and more in it's library, it was the premier console for RPG fans.

    Today, the PLAYSTATION 3 features a little amount of RPGs. Some would not even be considered an RPG, even though it is listed in that genre. Lets go down a list of currently released RPGs for the PLAYSTATION 3, or games listed as an RPG.

    - Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    - Enchanted Arms
    - Folklore (Exclusive)
    - Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    - Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (Exclusive)

    Those are about it. Over a year and a half, the PLAYSTATION 3 has been in our homes and we've only been catered to about one or two good RPGs. Although, we have a great line-up of RPGs coming "sometime" in the future. Lets take a look at that list.

    - Alpha Protocol (Q1 2009)
    - Amphibian Man (Exclusive) (TBA)
    - Borderlands (2009)
    - Cross Edge (Exclusive) (2009)
    - Disgaea 3 (Exclusive) (2008)
    - Elveon (2009)
    - Eternal Sonata (Stolen Exclusive) (2008)
    - Fallout 3 (October 2008)
    - Final Fantasy XIII (Exclusive) (2009)
    - Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Exclusive) (2009)
    - Free Realms (Exclusive) (Q3 2008)
    - Golden Axe: Beast Rider (2008)
    - Gothic IV (2009)
    - The Last Remnant (2008)
    - Rise of the Argonauts (2008)
    - Shin Megami Tensei PS3 (Exclusive) (2009)
    - Star Ocean 4 (Exclusive) (2009)
    - Steambot Chronicles 2 (Exclusive) (TBA)
    - Sunrise Eiyuutan PS3 (Exclusive) (TBA)
    - Two Worlds (Stolen Exclusive) (2008)
    - Valkyria Chronicles (Exclusive) (November 2009)
    - White Knight Chronicles (Exclusive) (2009)

    Then there are all the projects yet untitled (all exclusive):

    - Cavia PS3 Action-RPG
    - Gust PS3 RPG Project
    - Hudson Soft PS3 RPG Project
    - Konami PS3 RPG
    - Namco PS3 RPG Project
    - Success PS3 RPG
    - tri-Crescendo PS3 Project

    Now as you can see, the PLAYSTATION 3 has the majority in exclusives. My only downs are not having Mass Effect, Tales of Vesperia, and Infinite Undiscovery on the system. The only thing I wonder is: why is it taking so long to deploy these RPGs?

    As of now we are stuck with shooting (mostly), racing, action, adventure, fighting, and puzzle titles. Need some motivation? Here is my $60 bucks.

    Where are all the PlayStation 3 RPGs?

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    finally some decent RPG's are being released this year

    Final Fantasy XIII (& Versus) should be top sellers

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    I will buy the FFs and some other high ranking ones, but one thing is for sure:

    As soon as Diablo 3 comes out = All other RPG's are not worthy ^^

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    I love RPG's, specially Final Fantasy Series. I really want buy one or to tittles, unfortunately the FF XIII are out only in 2009. I would like to see done a remake of FFVII, taking advantage of the power of the PS3, for me one of the best RPG's ever.

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    Just Imagine how FF will look on PS3!!!

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    I can't wait for 2009.. TBH enchanted arms wasn't all that good and oblivion just isnt my kind of game. I have yet to play folklore other than the demo from the online store.

    Once final fantasy comes out I may cry... not kidding.

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    I hope Final Fantasy isn't as linear as 10 or 12...

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    Whats wrong with being able to tape down the "action" button, waiting 48 hours, and then coming back to a finished game? Makes increasing your completed game list pretty damn easy.

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    I didn't like Enchanted Arms at all, and from what I've heard Dark Kingdom is pretty average as well. Folklore is good, but gets repetative rather quickly (although to be fair, I'm not far into it). You need to have some pretty heavy adventure-lust to appreciate Oblivion.

    On the plus side, Final Fantasy XIII+Versus are both looking pretty promising. I also heard we were getting Bioshock and if I said I wasn't excited for Fallout 3 I'de be a filthy, filthy liar. As a base concept (referring almost exclusively to the battle system) a sequel to Enchanted Arms could be good, so would a sequel to Folklore with a relatively minor battle system upgrade.

    The real promise in the PlayStation 3 RPG market is clearly in the future as opposed to the present.

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    you are right there are not many exclusive rpgs apart from folklore. But Im still waiting for FF XIII

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