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Thread: Where are all the PlayStation 3 RPGs?

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    goshan Guest
    do NOT buy oblivion for the ps3. why?


    you dont have mods on the ps3, they make such a difference (trust me, ive played it with and without mods and with mods its like an entirely new and much more fun game)

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    hellotonothing Guest
    i just want final fantasy, and maybe an mmorpg.

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    Caeser Guest
    I've noticed that with the upgrades in technology there have been a few developers who have been trying to upgrade RPGs along with it. I mean, that much is obvious, why wouldn't they make RPGs better... but what I mean is that they're taking actions like melding RPGs with FPSs to appeal to a larger crowd.

    We've already seen it happen in a lot of games in the past: FPSs where you can upgrade your character's weapon's and armor's levels. Skill upgrades, etc. Hopefully we can get more games out like Deus Ex, which I still quite enjoy.

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    omegmatic Guest
    Aw man, i am totally looking forward to the new Shin Megami Tensei... Nocturne is seriously my favorite game ever. 2009 though... crap.

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    NatureBoyPT Guest
    Man, I just want FF XIII. That thing will be EPIC!

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    shotist Guest
    mass effect might be coming like bioshock, and i just read that final fantasy 13 will be at e3.

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