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Thread: What have you done to your PS3?

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    Synyster Nates Guest

    Question What have you done to your PS3?

    I've been reading thread after thread, seeing what the PS3 is capable of and I'm sure I'm missing out on some things. So I just want to know what you have all done to yours?

    So far, I installed a 100GB Hard Drive
    Formatted and installing YDL once the download finishes.
    I plan on Running StreamMyGame on it (
    I also want to turn it into the ultimate media center.
    Making backups of my games and playing them is always at the top of my list, (CD's aren't safe with kids and animals.)

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    kiasyd Guest
    I installed ubuntu, and use a lot the media player sync feature, to stream music to my ps3 :-)

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    Synyster Nates Guest
    Nice, how do you like ubuntu VS. yellow dog linux? or have you even used ydl?

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    Currently I don't see much point in installing linux on it. When the new FW allows you to play divex right out of the box I prefer just hooking up my portable HDD and playing everything from there.

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    M3ngl0th Guest
    in Linux you can't use the RSX. I don't like it!!! You can't play DivX&Co.!!!!

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    IanJ Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by M3ngl0th View Post
    in Linux you can't use the RSX. I don't like it!!! You can't play DivX&Co.!!!!
    In linux i can play any movie file incl 10gb mkv ones using VLC

    For divx and avi's just use the PS3 XMB.

    As for console mods. Nothing much just YDL and I have a Linksys NSLU2 which i am running the Slug custom firmware and twonky media to stream all my avi goodness to the PS3.

    With the latest firmware it is now a proper media centre. Some homebrew ability would be great but I am a patient man! (oh yes and the ability to play multi-region dvd's and BR's would be a nice addition)

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    Riplexus Guest
    I installed YDL and updated the hdd to 120gb.
    Right now im trying to use streammygame just to see if it works properly. Dont plan on using it tho, because I hooked up my lcd with both, ps3 and pc.

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    Synyster Nates Guest
    Nice, I just got YDL on there finally. Haven't even toyed with it really. Finally added all my music and video to Windows Media Player 11 and streamed all that to the PS3.

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    Synyster Nates Guest
    Nice wakababy. You should throw up a write up on how to map the joystick! That would save me some $ on a bluetooth mouse and keyboard

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    Kimd41 Guest
    I stream movies and music from my PC.

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