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  1. #31
    Sarge187 Guest
    Installed Ubuntu, screwed around with saved games, synced stuff with WMP.

  2. #32
    Cheeber Guest
    I just stare at it hoping it will come to life

  3. #33
    briguy992 Guest
    Unfortunately I haven't done anything cool to it yet because it's my roomies not mine!

    I'm getting mine when the MGS4 bundle is out.

  4. #34
    wiseman Guest
    I installed Yellow Dog Linux in my 60gb ntsc-j ps3

    rarely use it. :/

  5. #35
    Sarge187 Guest
    Changed themes, installed Ubuntu, few demos ect.

  6. #36
    labonte Guest
    All i have done with it i installed yd and a 80gb hdd.. just to scared to do anything else.

  7. #37
    upSIDEv Guest
    ive installed yellow dog and want to install a bigger drive.

  8. #38
    coolalien10 Guest
    ive installed ubuntu and am going to put a 150gb hdd in it soon to store all my music and videos onto.

  9. #39
    Cor3 Guest
    Nothing at the moment, but i think i'll buy a bigger hd ... and some games (i'm playing with demos )

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