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  1. #21
    Swizzxt21 Guest
    I upgraded my Hard drive to 200GB and installed Ubuntu 7.10 on it. I still havent done much with it.

  2. #22
    danny2304 Guest
    Nothing yet but im upgrading my HDD soon and i cant seem 2 put a theme on it because it doesnt find any on my flash but im sure i will sort it out but i wouldn't mind getting a neon fan lol

  3. #23
    Ashler Guest
    So far... Ubunto + 160Gb HDD upgrade.

  4. #24
    pepijndamen Guest
    I only installed a 160GB hdd, and I tried YDL once, but when I found out you couldn't really run HD vids because of RSX lack I stopped using it . Still waiting for an alternative dash

  5. #25
    tomtech Guest
    ubuntu only at this stage new to ps3

  6. #26
    triple7 Guest
    Ubuntu with RSX driver installed on original 60 GB drive. A larger HDD would be nice but don't really need it yet so holding off.

  7. #27
    RotaryOnFire Guest
    Currently looking to upgrade HD. Have a WD 500gn ext. hd plugged in.

  8. #28
    Mantagtj Guest
    I put a pretty pink bow on her and called her "matilda" !!

    But Seriously, I purchased a 60 gig from U.S. (I live in UK) installed Linux, next thing on the list is a bigger drive and the famous "more time to play on it by dumping the missus mod!"

  9. #29
    zorndaike Guest
    just play games and some demos

  10. #30
    shalina Guest
    I threw my ps3 out of the window after my BR died

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