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  1. #11
    Juniorflip Guest
    I have done the LED sixaxis mod, that was fun and scary at the same time

  2. #12
    markman2012 Guest
    im wanting to upgrade hdd and yes i fully agree cd,s/br/dvd defently not safe with a 2yo son runing around

  3. #13
    ifox Guest
    After I will install Ubuntu, I'll try to set up TV-recorder-like stuff with my ps3. Don't know yet if that will work..

  4. #14
    bigblockchev Guest

    Post my PS3

    I have run YDL, Fedora and Gentoo linux on my ps3. I have a 250GB ext HD for ps3 system backups, PSN videos and more room for linux.

    Streammygame I'll try soon since I don't play Warcraft but my roommates do.

  5. #15
    tabblink182 Guest
    40gb ps3 (want a 60 for the slots and more usb ports)

    usb hub
    2x Samsung 120gb USB2.0 externai hard drives
    wireiess usb keyboard
    installed SAK

    and currently dumping everything i can in the hope i can play them when a loader is released

  6. #16
    Heinrich004 Guest

    For movies and games

    Im stream movies to my ps3,and with excelent upscaled processing im amazed with each movie i can see.

  7. #17
    xxhockey225xx Guest
    ubuntu so far.. i need a larger hdd to install

  8. #18
    odrun Guest
    i'll take a bigger hdd and install ydg

  9. #19
    DarkArchon Guest
    Hey guys, ok ive done a fair bit to my ps3 so far:

    - Installed successfully a 1TB hdd via an internal 3.5" hdd hooked up to the ps3 so i can hold any movie i stream to my ps3.
    - Ripped All my dvd's and sending them straight to the ps3's hdd via vilvic media centre.
    - Sixaxis mod blue with blue player indicator lights.
    - Red sixaxis mod light.
    - Working on an Orange sixaxis mod.
    - Currently trying out what the best option would be do to with my blu-ray rips i have. (not too sure about conversion process and sending the blu-ray over vilvic)

    I think thats about it. Good thread btw, hope to hear more from people.

  10. #20
    assadanzar Guest
    i have installed linux twice and i stream games.Also i am trying to stream stuff like music of my pc.

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