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    Stick Out Tongue Welcome to the BRDGen board!

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    From the folks who gave us UMDGen (Universal Media Disc Generator) for PSP, is coming BRDGen (Blu-ray Disc Generator) for the PS3! The Web site is still a work-in-progress, but check it over the next few weeks for updates.

    For those curious, BRDGen for PS3 supports the UDF-ISO format and can currently generate an ISO which is identical to the original. The initial BRDGen release will include a File Relinker, User Interface (GUI), and more- so stay tuned!

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    Was wondering when this would show up. :P

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    Similar to UMDGen for PSP, it allows you to edit, rebuild, and create new images (in the proper PS3 ISO structure format) so that they will actually work with the PS3 once a method to play PS3 back-ups is publically available. This is useful for those who intend to make their own PS3 "rips" to save space- either to fit on a smaller disc or on the HDD, etc. There are several other tools/features that will be included in BRDGen, and as the PS3 scene grows and needs arise it will continue to be updated accordingly.

    One suggestion I had was a PS3 SFO viewer/editor (although I'm not sure if that will be in an initial release or not, it was just a suggestion). If anyone else here has spent any time examining PS3 images thus far, feel free to add your suggestions here for BRDGen upcoming features and so on...

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    if anyone feels like answering, what is an SFO?

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    Since this program WILL be making 1:1 perfect duplicates of the PS3 games, will it be more likely that something as simple as boot game, eject game, insert DVD-copy will work? If UMDGen is just as succesful with BRDGen I bet we will have a whole new look on how the PS3 needs to be modded.

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    Once a PS3 swapping method is public it may be that simple sure... right now, BRDGen is mainly intended for those who wish to experiment with rebuilding PS3 images, PS3 ripkits, etc.

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    Can it be used to build PS3 blu-ray movie discs or is it just game discs?

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    You can do games and movies, and you will only need a Blu-ray burner if you plan to burn them yes. My guess is, most people will use them on their PS3 once a HDD loading method is publically available though... meaning no burning at all.

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    so soon BD movies can be downloaded, and put on HDD on PS3 and play?

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    PS3 Square Button instructions?

    Apologies if I ask the obvious, but does brdgen, installed and runnng on a pc, link to a ps3 on the same wired/wireless network to dump the iso image from the ps3 blu-ray player (I do not have a blu-ray player in the pc) to the hd?


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