Just a quick summary today of some weekend news and releases as follows:

In PS3 news, the following new guides are available for those interested: How to Use Shortcuts to Browse on PS3 and PSP, Yet Another PS3 PROXY guide FW1.8 courtesy of uday, PS3 F@H Method Guide courtesy of TaRDy, and PS3 with TVersity Guide courtesy of coheedcollapse.

Also, PS3 users who can lend us a helping hand in completing our PS3 Release/Firmware Database can find information on how to obtain the PS3 Firmware version from an iSO image HERE, and here is a link to the PS3 BRDGen utility used as well- Thanks guys!

In X-Box 360 news, X-Box 360 Flash Dump Tool v0.2 is available for download, and users can share feedback in the ongoing X-Box 360 Flash Dump Tool v0.1 released! Forum thread.

PSP Files: Custom Firmware v1.62 Increasing Edition D Update 3 For PSP, Go Cam/Chotto Shot Camera ClickSound Mod v1 For PSP, USB On Plug-In For 3.10-3.40 OE For PSP, USB AlwaysOn Plug-In For 3.10-3.40 OE For PSP, 01-12 BMPMerger v2.0 For PSP, Boot Manager For 3.40 OE For PSP, PSPSSH v1.0.7 BETA For PSP, Flasher XMB v0.5 For PSP, and a Surfs Up (USA) 200MB PSP RipKit.