Update: To wrap up the weekend, we've added another 10 PSP Files below, and also we have the following specials to report:

Our friends at www.PS2Cover.com just let us know that they are now taking Pre-Orders for the entire line of Nintendo Wii Mod-Chips. Rather than just offer one specific Wii Mod-Chip, you can actually choose the chip you want to buy, so you have a full selection. Visit their Wii Mod-Chip Page by going to: http://www.ps2cover.com/nintendo-wii-mod-chips.shtml

For Nintendo DS Owners, not only do they still have full stock of the M3 DS Simply - one the the most popular NDS back-up/development/NDS ROM players for Nintendo DS and DS Lite. And they've also added the Supercard DS One, another very popular Nintendo DS/DS Lite Slot 1 flash kit/development system from the same folks behind the Supercard SD cards for Gameboy Advance.

If you'd also like to play your Gameboy Advance games on your Nintendo DS or DS Lite, then you should take a look at the Supercard SD and Superkey Combo package they have on offer. This combo package will let you play both Nintendo DS and GBA Files quickly and easily. Find out more by going to: http://www.ps2cover.com/supercard-sd...ey-combo.shtml

And finally, PlayStation 2 gamers can still get their hands on the 2-for-1 PS2 Mod-Chip offer from PS2Cover.com by taking a look at their ModBo 4.0 Universal PS2 Mod-Chip.. Buy one, and get the second one FREE! http://www.ps2cover.com/ps2-mod-chip-modbo4.shtml

Another COLD weekend is upon us... but we did manage to catch word from a PARAkeet today (lol @ beer for dogs too! ) that PS3 v1.50 and v1.51 Firmware have both been tested now with the PDX iSO Loader after a few weeks delay. Hopefully the results will surface publically soon in an NFO file or similar celeb (Dr. Phil, Oprah, etc) fashion.

In Wii news today, the following titles were released: Tamagotch_no_Pikapika_Daitouryou_JPN_Wii-Caravan, Rabbids_Party_JPN_Wii-Caravan, GT_Pro_Series_JPN_Wii-Caravan, Red_Steel_JPN_Wii-Caravan, SD_Gundam_Scad_Hammers_PROPER_JPN_Wii-Caravan, and WII Kororinpa_JPN_Wii-Caravan.

Dark_AleX has shared with us a POPSLoader Plug-In For OE 3.10+ For PSP today which enables 3.10 OE and higher to load every POPS from 3.00 to 3.11! Also, HyT shared with us POPSLoader Plug-In For OE 3.10+ FULL For PSP today as well.

PSP Files: XMB Wav Flasher v3 For OE For PSP, Deflate RCO Batch File For PSP, Bogus Firmware v1.0 Customizer And Flasher For OE For PSP, Topmenu Plug-In All Icons Mod For OE For PSP, RCOTool Extractor v0.1 For PSP, Opening Plug-In NoPad And Padding Mods For OE For PSP, XMB Icon Action Replacer v1.1 For PSP, PSP Submenu Icon Injector v3.0, ReCreate Icons v2 For 3.03 OE For PSP, FreeSpacer v2 For PSP, ID Copy v1 For PSP, Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure (USA) 619MB PSP RipKit, Ghost Rider (USA) 321MB PSP RipKit, Ghost Rider (USA) 329MB PSP Multi-Player RipKit, Test Drive Unlimited (EUR) 684MB PSP RipKit, Flash Agent F1 For 3.03 And 3.10 OE For PSP, CWCheat Database And POP Database Editor v1.60 For PSP, iSO Compressor v1.0.2.2 For PSP, Network Update XMB Button Homebrew Launcher Mod For PSP, Network Update XMB Button Homebrew Launcher Config Mod For PSP, OE System Plug-In XMB Click Sound Mod For PSP, and Random Gameboot v0.1 Plug-In For PSP.