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    WebEmu NES v0.1 Beta - Web-based Nintendo Emulator for PS3

    Today PlayStation 3 developer cotojestwtf has made available WebEmu NES v0.1 Beta for the PS3 entertainment system, which is Web-based Nintendo emulator application (similar to JSNES) and works on all PlayStation 3 consoles including those not JailBroken or running PS3 Custom Firmware.

    To quote: ABOUT

    WEN is a first Web-Homebrew for PlayStation 3, you can play now a NES games. No need a Jailbreak or CFW, just a Web!. Works on any Firmware. This is still beta so you can cause low fps, or hangs a webbrowser. Ohh.. and this version not support yet Dualshock/SixAxis only Keyboard.

    Now WEN support only 3 games, but don't worry i will add new on free time.


    26.3.12 - public beta
    Public beta tests started!

    • improve a framerate, because now its crappy.
    • add a compatibility a dualshock/sixaxis.
    • add function to choose game from pendrive.
    • fix hangs webbrowser.

    • 0.1beta - public beta
    • build17 - added a papu functions.
    • build13 - added a sound script.
    • build9 - improve mappers, cpu, ui and ppu functions.
    • build8 - changed ui functions, added ppu functions, added some mappers functions.
    • build5 - added cpu functions, improve a nes script.
    • build2 - emulate a keyboard.
    • build1 - initial release.


    Button Player 1 Player 2
    • Left Left Num-4
    • Right Right Num-6
    • Up Up Num-8
    • Down Down Num-2
    • A X Num-7
    • B Z Num-9
    • Start Enter Num-1
    • Select Ctrl Num-3

    WebEmu NES v0.1 Beta - Web-based Nintendo Emulator for PS3

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    Dec 2010
    This is great, I know it's nothing big now but hopefully more time will be put into it and it turn into something bigger. I tried it and it was a bit laggy, still better than paying $10 bucks for a sonic game from the Sega Genesis from PSN.

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    I can not believe, an emulator in Javascript, cotojestwtf must have much free time ...

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    Dec 2009
    Seems legit to me. Thats one way to bring an emulator to non jailbroken ps3s

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    Nov 2010
    Kudos for this! Hopefully this will flesh out to be as viable as the other PC-based browser emulators.

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    Apr 2010
    Great news! This is a fantastic way to bring some home brew love to consoles that are unfortunate enough not to be jail broken.

    Place your bets on Sony removing the browser from the PS3 in the next release, cause they just love screwing over their customers.

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    WoW great work. Good to see that there are still coders out who do interesting and nice stuff for the ps3. This "non-cfw needed" emulator is one off the coolesd things i have read the last time.

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    Very cool, can't wait to get home from work and check it out!

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    Isn't working at the moment for me. He should definitely gets a better server to host (for this awesome idea), now as he released it public, this "" gives me an error.

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    Where is the link? I can't seem to find it

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