Warhawk remains one of the best PlayStation 3 games available; it's an excellent online multiplayer title that continues to deliver on a daily basis. This is mostly due to the tireless Incognito team that keeps offering up new game versions and booster packs, and perhaps not surprisingly, more are on the way.

Furthermore, Dylan Jobe has revealed the Trophies that will be on tap for Warhawk over at the official PlayStation Forums. In the future v1.5 patch, Jobe says there will be a grand total of 56 new Trophies to capture, and they'll be separated into the following categories:

"There are 10 trophies based on the Warhawk's current stats/rank/awards system. Like getting all your Bronze badges, attaining a specific rank, or earning a number of medals.

There are 34 trophies that are entirely *new* rewards based on Warhawks core game and not based on our current stats, ranks or other awards. There are then 4 trophies per booster pack that are, of course, completely new awards."

He goes on to say that the v1.4 patch, which hasn't been released yet, is "very very very close to being released" and they actually went out of their way to create the v1.5 patch "in parallel, but staggered" with the v1.4 update. Of course, the logical question now is, when is v1.5 coming with all those cool Trophies? Well, Jobe says it won't be too far behind v1.4, so you probably won't have to wait for very long. However, this is one game where many players would hope the Trophies could be retroactive...can you imagine how many hours avid gamers have already logged?

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