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Thread: Warhawk Patch Update v1.50 is now Available for Download

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    Warhawk Patch Update v1.50 is now Available for Download

    Per Buubar of the European PlayStation boards, the v1.50 patch for Warhawk has now gone live on the PlayStation Network and is also available to download from The download weighs in at 66MB and includes trophy support, which gives us all a good reason to visit the game once more.

    The trophies in the new patch are tied to your PSN account, so if you have met any of the requirements you should find some trophies already unlocked.

    Features of V1.50 Patch:

    - Custom In-Game Music
    - XMB Trophies
    - Training Tutorials
    - Retract Clan Invites
    - New Paint Schemes & Insignias
    - GGL Ceremonial Blades
    - "Rookie" Server Color-Coding

    Finally, those seeking a comprehensive Warhawk Trophy list can check HERE. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    MalcolmHB Guest
    "Host a ranked dedicated server for four consecutive hours."

    Maybe its just because im new but that seems like too much for a trophy

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