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Thread: Wal-Mart confirms $100 PS3 gift card YES, even MGS4 bundle

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    Starlight Guest

    Wal-Mart confirms $100 PS3 gift card YES, even MGS4 bundle

    We have confirmed with Wal-Mart Corporate Communications that the company is currently offering a $100 gift card this week with the purchase of any Blu-ray player.

    This applies to all PS3s, including the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle available tomorrow. This re-confirms the information and documentation one of our reliable sources gave us two weeks ago.

    After we made sure to ask about the MGS4 bundle this morning, Melissa O'Brien, a spokeswoman for Wal-Mart, told us, "Any Blu-ray player. Blu-ray. All of them."

    She said that the deal is quite explicit in the Wal-Mart flyer for this week (an image of which we've placed after the break), and the deal is both online and in stores. We hope this clears up any confusion on the matter.

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    Tricknosis Guest
    I purchased a MGS4 bundle pack this morning online and the offer was not there. Any word on what we should do at this point if it was not offered directly with the sale. I noticed the other bundles (40 gig) definitely showed the Gift Card Offer.

    OK, for those of you who have not done this yet. I called 1-800-walmart. They gave me the $100 gift card as an online gift card. Totally Cool ordered 2 games and a BD remote online and had it shipped "Site to Store" no shipping costs.

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    Krazyxazn Guest
    There were no Bundles in store near me within 100 miles. So I thought I would wait a few hours and check Walmart again. None still. I look back on and they had already sold out. I tried Best Buy's match deal, but they only do it if a Walmart has it in stock.

    So I just bought the last bundle of Best Buy and gave up on the $100 gift card. If people who bought the 80gb bundle on they should be getting an email activating their $100 gift card.

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