Back in early June, Monolith Productions launched the Name Your Fear contest in hopes of finding a name for its sequel to F.E.A.R, as original publisher Vivendi owns the name and will be launching its own F.E.A.R. follow-up. Voting was initially set to begin late last month, but July 23rd came and went without a peep. Chalk it up to an extended post-E3 hangover.

However, the polls are open now (as of Monday), and voting extends only to Friday, August 10th. More than 10,000 potential titles were suggested by fans around the world, and these are the three submissions that led the pack:

  • Dark Signal
  • Dead EchoProject Origin

Have your say in Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive's continuation of the F.E.A.R. narrative -- head over to the Name Your Fear website and cast your vote! No date has been set for the announcement of the winning title, but when we know, we'll be sure to pass it on.

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