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    Violent Squealing from PS3

    Received another PS3 this morning to do afew tests with but have come across a problem immediately.

    As soon as I turn the PS3 on I have a awful whistling/squealing sound coming from the area where the power lead plugs in. Ive took the top off and the noise is definately from the top left corner of the PS3 or under the casing of the HDD. So far I have tried changing the HDD and giving it a hover but the problem still persists.

    Just wondered if anyone has come of this before? It is a US PS3, being used in the UK. Could my power lead be abit dodgy? I am not using a voltage converter, thought they had one built in?

    Attached a pic to show where abouts the noise is.

    Thanks alot.
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    Doesnt sound too good friend, I take it its a import? might be a psu related problem.

    Sorry just read properly. Problem with SOME US ps3 definatly need some sort of step down convertor.

    Jap ones are usually ok and have read that some US are okay BUT as a rule everyone I know use convertors with US machines!
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    Should be getting one in a hour (ish) so will report back if that cures it. Also, I wouldnt of thought it would be this easy but, if I take my disk drive out of my US PS3 and put it in a Jap PS3 will the Jap PS3 then play NTSC/Canada PS2 games? Or is it not the drives that are region locked but some kind of software installed elsewhere?

    Or will the US disc drive not be detected at all in the Jap PS3?

    Thanks for quick response HackITandC.


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    Thanks very much uday. Just about to go pick one up now so I'll report back if this cures the problem.

    Thanks guys.

    Just for referance as well I just tried swapping the drives and even though the drive powers up and you can insert/eject a disc, the game/movie is not detected unfortunately in the xmb.

    Got hold of a converter and its still making the same noise. Any other suggestions?

    Anyone else with a US PS3 in the UK with a similar noise?

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