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    VidZone Thanks Sony PS3 Fans for Making it the Biggest and Best

    Today VidZone's Head of Production Ben Creasey has extended a warm THANKS to Sony PS3 fans for making the VidZone service the biggest dedicated music video streaming application in the world.

    To quote: VidZone is officially the biggest dedicated music video streaming application in the world!! With over 2,000,000 application downloads and 200,000,000 videos streamed so far!!

    I think the correct response is "WOW!" (Or other less broadcast-able superlatives)

    Because of you, all of us at VidZone enjoy coming to work every day safe in the knowledge that what we are doing is actually being enjoyed by people all around the world (I know it's not available everywhere, but you know we are working on it... Feel free to "WHEN POLAND!!" if you feel the need). Because of this, everyone here would like to say thanks in their own personal way. Please forgive the shocking attempts at humor:

    Louisa Jackson - VidZone for PS3 Chief - "Thanks for all the great feedback in 2009. Lots of surprises in stall 2010!

    Nemat Abdela - Account Manger - "Merry Xmas to all you fabulous VidZone users. We've got some amazing things in the pipeline in 2010, including more Metal!"

    Alex Jakubczyk - Content Manager - "Thank you for all your support this year, join me for a game of mince pie jenga this Christmas in front of VidZone Towers. WHOOOP!"

    Jon Pike - Head Of Music - "Keep it real, keep it gangsta, keep it VidZone!"

    Matt Collins - Video Production Manager- "Thanks for your unbridled support, happy festive season and may the VidZone be with you."

    Phil Jelley - Audio Product Manager - "Merry Xmas and thank you to all VidZone users! As it's the festive season, drinks are on Creasey" (BC - That's me... erm... tap water all round?)

    Marcin Waitr - Technical Product Manager - "Thank you all guys for your continuous support, looking forward to entertaining you in 2010! PS. Ben, but seriously, when Poland?" (BC, He actually means it. He wants to use VidZone over Xmas when he's back home in Poland!)

    And the big boss (AKA, The Guv'nor) would like to say...

    Adrian Workman - CEO - "Thank you all for making VidZone into a monster of service in just 6 months!! Maybe we'll be bigger than YouTube by Dec 2010 and living in the Bahamas. I think I love you more than I love money. YES, all 2m of you."

    From all of us here at VidZone, have an awesome Christmas and an amazing New Year!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    daveribz Guest
    Wow, that much? And that is only for the EU.. I can't believe they've managed to get this big of an established user base. Good work, I guess.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Wow... Just wow... They only release it in the UK and it still becomes the biggest... Maybe a future U.S. release? Please? I also want TV on my PS3 but I don't think they're going to do that any time soon.

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