Today VidZone's Head of Production Ben Creasey has posted this week's update, which includes MTV, Smooth Operators, and a whole lot of Hassle.

To quote: The awesome people of MTV are running a month long campaign in Scandinavia promoting VidZone on their Web site and TV channel.

They're also running a competition to test your music video knowledge with the person scoring highest in each territory winning a PS3, the person with the overall highest score will also win tickets to see Alphabeat live. Bloody hell!!

You can enter the competitions here: this is only open to residents in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

During the campaign we'll be featuring MTV's top 20 videos on our homepage, Including Alphabeat, Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce.

This Week

Artist of the Week
Sade (All countries except Germany)
After a ten year hiatus, everyone's favourite smooth operator is back with her new single "Soldier of Love"

Tokio Hotel (Germany)
If you are in the know then you will know, I haven't spelt it wrong... and If you aren't in the know then ... no, I haven't spelt it wrong J. Featuring new singles "Lass Uns Laufen" and "World Behind My Wall"

Erik Hassle Celeb Playlist (UK and Ireland only)
The man with ginger bouffant has sat down (actually he may not have sat... but whatever) and chosen his favourite videos and we have loaded them all up for you to watch at your leisure. From Bonnie Tyler to Shakira.

Hot New Videos

These are videos we have been watching in the office and the videos we think you should watch... anywhere you want... Well wherever you have your PlayStation. This week with Crookers, Miike Snow and Chris Brown.

Best Remixes

Sometimes a remix gets so popular that it gets its own video... Now we think these videos need to be bought to your attention because you may not realise they existed. Remixes of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Avril Lavigne included.

Next Week

Valentines Playlist
You are... once... twice... three times a lady... and you deserve smoochy love videos. Ok so Lionel has a better way with words than me... but you get the picture. All the love songs you could ever need for that oh so special day.

Anti-Love Songs

Do vomit inducing love songs make you want to smash your neighbours' flower pots in rage? Well never fear we have the antidote. Videos from Alice Cooper and Puddle of Mudd. Now go tell your neighbours to relax.

Brit Awards 2010 (UK and Ireland)
The Brit awards are upon us and we have videos from all the nominees including Dizzee Rascal and Cheryl Cole.

Underground Acts

Not musicians that live underground... that would just be stupid. These are the best acts from the world of new cool music that you should probably know about. Featuring Little Man Tate and Theoretical Girl.


This Week

Latest Additions

All new videos uploaded this week in one playlist, because you have watched all the other videos already on the service right?

Next Week

Latest Additions

Like last week but with the videos we just uploaded this week... Obviously.

Electro Hits

Hits from the genre of music "they" call Electro, Funny that...

Acoustic Sessions

No wires, no electricity, just man (or woman) and their instrument... Bliss


The best of the 70's. If you don't know what music that is, then you can get to know with this playlist.

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