VidZone's Head of Production Ben Creasey has revealed that this weeks VidZone PS3 updates includes the arrival of EMI and NERD exclusives on PSN.

To quote: As you will know we have just launched our new patch and announced that EMI records videos are now live on VidZone (at last!).

So whether you like Katy Perry or Iron Maiden, Coldplay or Daft Punk (and 1000's in-between) go check them out.

As a thank you to you all for being so patient, we have a very special and very exclusive gift to all of you, and it doesn't come much better than NERD.

Not one, not two, but FOUR exclusive videos spread over four weeks to keep you N.E.R.D. hungry for the album "Nothing" released on the 6th September.

- 19th August - Episode 1: N.E.R.D. - Hot N Fun (Starsmith Remix) Video
- 26th August - Episode 2: N.E.R.D. - Hot N Fun (Boyz Noise) Video
- 2nd September - Episode 3: Exclusive video to be announced in the next update blog!
- 9th September - Episode 4: Exclusive video to be announced in the next update blog!

What else we got? Well I'll tell you...

Hot New Videos
Scalding... Novel... Cinematic experiences... this is just getting ridiculous now. A lot like the amount of hot new videos we have for you this week. Featuring the brand new video from Kanye West 'Power', Ke$ha 'Take It Off' and Katy Perry 'Teenage Dream'. Enjoy

Artist Of The Week - Queens of the Stone Age (All territories... Phew! I don't have to find things to say about loads of different artists this week!)

To celebrate the re-release of deluxe edition of their groundbreaking and amazing album 'Rated R' QOTSA are AOTW this week on VZ (OMG?!) featuring videos 'Feel Good Hit Of The Summer' and 'Monsters In The Parasol' We also have an edited version of the full length interview which sees Josh talking about the release of the album 10 years ago, watch here!

Usher Interview
OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, we have an Exclusive interview with Usher. Find out his loves and hates, dreams and aspirations as well as his favourite types of chocolate spread (DISCLAIMER: I hadn't seen the video when I wrote that it may not be true) watch to find out!

American Dreams Album playlist
Videos from the new album celebrating songs from all your favourtite American TV Dramas, including One Tree Hill, Greys Anatomy and Sex and the City.

NERD week 2 exclusive
Weren't you paying attention before? We have the Boyz Noize remix of "Hot N Fun" for you.

Robyn Interview
Swedish pop sensation talks to VidZone about... well... loads of stuff...You will have to watch to find out!

More PlayStation 3 News...