VidZone's Head of Production Ben Creasey has announced two VidZone PS3 exclusives - Chico "It's England Time" and Don Fardon "I'm Alive" arrive today.

To quote: It is Chico Time, England Time and most importantly Double VidZone Exclusive Time... at the same time!!! Here come the details!

Don Fardon - I'm Alive

If you watch TV which I have a feeling most of you do then you will have probably heard the original a fair few times in an advert for a well known fruit juice drink.

Now with a bit of help from celebrated house producer Ashley Beedle and electro house gurus the Dominatorz this old Northern Soul classic has been updated for the dance floors of the nation and with it an awesome video that involves none other than a dancing granddad... I kid you not.

So if its electro house you like, make your way to the Dominatorz version and if it's a little more traditional but still very danceable version you are after, make your way over to the Ashley Beedle edit.

Both videos will be available in all territories for your approval from 3PM on Thursday 20th May

The Ashley Beedle edit is already available to buy now and the Dominatorz and a host of other remixes will be able to buy from your favourite digital record store from the 11th of July

Chico - It's England Time

It most certainly is! This has to be our year... Doesn't it? And with Chico in our corner singing the masterfully adapted version of his hit single "It's Chico Time" then I don't think there is much chance we can lose it! A little optimistic maybe but we have to believe don't we?

We have the exclusive play of this video which has celebrities a plenty in the form of none other than Christopher Biggins, Bill Oddie, Bianca Gascoigne, Bruno Brookes, Cheryl Baker and many many more.

According to the press release this track will be "Embedded into the minds of every England supporter" I tend to agree... whether they like it or not.

This video will be available to UK VidZone users from 3PM on Thursday 20th May.

If you want to own the single, it will be available digitally and physically on the 7th June.

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