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Thread: VidZone Launches VidZone TV on PlayStation 3

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    jabberosx Guest

    VidZone Launches VidZone TV on PlayStation 3

    VidZone's Head of Production Ben Creasey has officially announced today that VidZone TV is launching on Sony's PlayStation 3 entertainment system!

    To quote: Less than a year since VidZone launched on June 11 2009, we are extremely excited to announce VidZone can offer our very own music TV Channels and many more new features and improvements.

    The timing could not be better as VidZone on PlayStation3 has just clocked over 3 MILLION USERS who have played over 350 million streams. Just to put it in perspective, this is over 2500 years of videos streamed!!

    What is 'VIDZONE TV'?

    Just so there is no confusion - the VidZone we all know and love will still be available and re-named 'VidZone On Demand'. 'VidZone TV' is a new feature and a different way to enjoy VidZone.

    We have dreamt of having over 100 music TV channels at your disposal for any mood or occasion at the touch of a button - this dream is now a reality. Via a small update to your existing application, VidZone TV gives you all the music you can wish for. Channels will fall under 5 categories - Artist, Genre, Year, Label and General (for everything else!)

    We think you'll enjoy VidZone TV just as much, or even more, than VidZone On-Demand because, just like regular linear TV, it means you can simply select pre-programmed music TV Channels and let the music roll. No need to search the VidZone catalogue and no need to create your own playlist.

    In other words, prepare the party or get lazy and let VidZone do the work! Some of our favourite channels include Pop Punk TV, 80s TV, Rock Legends TV, The VidZone Chart TV, All Time Classics TV, Celebrity Playlist: Dizzee Rascal TV, Dave Grohl & Friends TV, VidZone Interviews TV and Video Of The Day TV (where all the exclusives and premieres will feature).

    There really is a channel (or three!) for everyone. And more - VidZone TV has also launched Kids TV, Teen Pop TV, Karaoke Favourites TV and Music Divas TV!


    - New main menu carousel - Sparkly brand new look carousel screen for selecting links to VidZone: TV, Featured, On Demand, Settings and upcoming other new upcoming features.

    - Search function is improved - It is now possible to perform 'like' searches - e.g. "Kill" for The Killers.

    - In-store game purchasing - Purchase selected PlayStation Store games / content advertised in VidZone without exiting the VidZone application.

    - Full screen experience enhanced - It's now possible to see which video is coming up next. There is also a key for all functions and ticker bar available to provide valuable information to users about new/must see content.

    - Video of The Day TV - The music industry is helping us offer one ultimate video of the day, every day. It will play immediately after opening the application.

    - Clickable pre-rolls - Some pre-roll advertisement videos are now clickable and launch the Internet Browser.

    - Title changes - "Related Videos" has been renamed to "More by this Artist" "Home Page" renamed to "Featured".

    - Email settings - It's now possible to sign up or unsubscribe to emails in Settings > Help menu. If you want to receive updates or competitions from VidZone you need to be registered by email.

    [imglink=|VidZone Launches VidZone TV on PlayStation 3][/imglink]
    [imglink=|VidZone Launches VidZone TV on PlayStation 3][/imglink]
    [imglink=|VidZone Launches VidZone TV on PlayStation 3][/imglink]
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    ahasverus Guest

    How can I use vidzone in south america with FW 3.01 ?


    I would like to know is it possible to use vidzone outside us and europe ?

    and is it possible to do so with fw 3.01 ?

    If this is a already asked question, i'm very sorry.

    Best regards to all

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