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    Videos: PlayStation Move with Tumble, Start The Party and More!

    As the launch draws closer more PlayStation Move footage makes its way to the Internet, with todays videos focusing on Tumble, Start The Party, The Shoot and Kung Fu Rider with Sony's PS3 Motion Controller.

    The videos come courtesy of ABandOfNinjas via YouTube, and the captions read as follows, to quote:

    "A Band Of Ninjas received Playstation Move Controllers and we want to show off this new technology. We are long time gamers and love to see the technology improve to immerse and entertain.

    This video demonstrates the move controllers and two demos; Tumble and Start The Party.

    Continuing our coverage of the Playstation Move controllers and demos. This episode focuses on The Shoot and Kung Fu Rider."

    Check out the PlayStation Move videos below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I dont know about this.... I really wish there was a way to get rid of the lag but it doesn't look like. I wonder if they are going to integrate the move with COD. I think it would need to include both controllers. So that would be another... 20 bucks? 30bucks?

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    What I'm trying to figure out is why these 'nobody' people are getting these demo packs early?

    I consider myself a pretty hard core gamer across multiple platforms (consoles, pc, handhelds, arcades, etc.) and have been for over 20 years. I've never heard of these "A Band of Ninjas" people before.

    It's like there was some low profile raffle that was held and anybody lucky enough to hear about it, regardless of how incredulous they are, were able to enter; and these two stoners won it.

    This has to be the single worst possible review I've seen for the Move so far.

    Yes they pointed out there is a slight lag in these early demos, which is nothing more than any other of the more creditable reviews have said, but the rest of it was pretty worthless to watch other than the actual game play footage (which again, can be seen from other reviewers). They had nothing constructive to say about any of it other than "it was cool", "it sucked", or "we don't get it" (probably cause of high you are).

    They seriously made a comment of "I forget what the color red looks like" and "it's searing my eyes out" referring to the glowing ball. How much weed/crack were you smoking before you made these videos?

    I appreciate getting reviews about new products, but my god, a ten year old with ADD could have given a better review than these two stoner junkies from their mom's basement.


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