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    Apr 2005

    Videos: New Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Gameplay Footage Available

    We now have a Final Fantasy XIII release date, elixir and some new PS3 gameplay footage available courtesy of gmoya909 via YouTube.

    To quote from CtrlAltKill.org (linked above): "A YouTube user went to the Final Fantasy XIII premiere party event and posted footage of his game play on YouTube. In these videos they show off different summons and some new game play features that we haven't seen before."

    Finally, from the video descriptions: The first reveals a new fight showing Snow, Sazh and Vanille. The second shows Snow summoning Shiva along with Vanille and Sazh. Finally, the last shows Lighting summoning Odin, and Lighting doing odin sginature final blow Zantesuken.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    zangetsu1 Guest
    I wish the would just release a playable demo on PSN..

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    Blaze192 Guest
    This game looks amazing and i cant wait to be able to get my hands on it!!

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    ernvil Guest
    Yep, certainly am going to import this game as soon as it gets released

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    taladas20 Guest
    Sadly the JAP PS3 version won't come out with english subs

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    zangetsu1 Guest
    what?? no english subs? ...

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    Rexmaximus Guest
    No English subs, which a game like this really does need due to it's complexity, however there have been some interviews I've seen where they say the voice overs will be entirely in English with no Japanese option.

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    Apr 2005


    Here is another new video with some more 'leaked' FFXIII footage:

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    xLoKi Guest


    Does anyone know if the battles are like in chrono cross and FFXII in that you see your enemy before you engage in battle or is it random like in other FF games?

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