SCEA Community Manager Ramone Russell from San Diego Studios has shared some ModNation Racers PS3 Beta recap videos today on the PlayStation Blog.

To quote: Well, the beta is over and we wanted to give everyone an update on how things went. First and foremost, we are absolutely astounded by the sheer amount and variety of user generated content that was created during the online beta.

Thousands upon thousands of karts, mods, and tracks were created, remixed, shared and uploaded. On the racing side of things, there were over 95,000 total races played during the beta.

Playing, creating, and sharing (while awesome), is just one piece of the beta puzzle. We were also able to gather pages upon pages of feedback on all areas of the game. The information gathered is a vital part of the beta process as we make the final changes and tweaks to ModNation Racers before it ships later this year.

All of us at UFG and SCEA would like to thank everyone who participated in the beta for your help giving the game a thorough vetting.

If you have seen interviews or previews with William Ho, Dan Sochan, or anyone else from the UFG team, you know we are super excited about the possibilities of user-generated content for ModNation Racers. With this in mind, we wanted to show everyone a small fraction of that content created during the beta.

Also keep in mind that the beta build of the game had more than 90% of the parts (shirts, pants, terrain brushes, etc.) locked out. Every one of these creations was made using a very small portion of the parts found in the final version of the game. Below are just a few images, but you can click through to our Flickr page to access the whole set.

For your viewing pleasure. I have also included two YouTube videos made by members of the beta community. The first shows the track creation tools, and the second is all about Mod creation.

ModNation Racers Beta- Creating a Stage by Borman18

ModNation Racers Beta- Character Creation by Cth22

And check out even more user-created videos on the ModNation Racers Beta!

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