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    Just beat blackops for my second time single player mode. After I beat it decided to go through it again in steroscopic 3D and must admit its freakn insane. MOH has nothing on this. 3d in multiplayer was kinda difficult as you rely on accuracy.

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    i beat the sp campaign in black ops too recently and i must say that the story is way more coherent than MOH... Neither game's story blew me away but I guess that's expected from fps games in general. As for the game play... Haven't really gotten to mp but that's where you would find the most challenge anyway but game play mechanics wise they both feel very similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post

    I think it's crap. This is the first time MOH is actually heaps better than COD.

    It's got a crap story, crap gameplay and way too short.

    I didn't watch the videos but they are probably the only action parts. That's about it for the game too. The good bits are only a few mins long where in MOH they were for missions long not a few seconds at a time like this game.

    If I had to score it out of 10 I would give it a 3.
    must say i'm halfway through the game and i think it's really a good game. it's no mw or mw2 but it's a damn good title.

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