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    Videos: Assassins Creed Brotherhood for PS3 is Now Available!

    Today Ubisoft Montreal Community Developer Gabe Graziani has announced that Assassins Creed Brotherhood for PS3 is officially available alongside posting some video trailers for the title.

    To quote: You read that right, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is now available! Join Ezio in his ongoing struggle against the Templar Order and take part in a first for the Assassin's Creed series: Multiplayer.

    Also, don't forget that there is free content for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood available via Uplay.

    Use your Uplay Units to unlock items such as the Armour of Alta´r and the Hellequin multiplayer character. For more details just go to www.uplay.com.

    There is also Uplay Help support for those times when you need a little bit of assistance. At www.uplay.com/help you'll find video walkthroughs for some of the game's toughest missions as well as hints and tips for both the single-player and multiplayer modes.

    So what are you waiting for? The Brotherhood needs you! For more info on Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, go to www.assassinscreed.com.

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    wilkinsonjohn99 Guest
    what's this uplay thing? another game you buy but can't get all the content? woo, and, hoo, can't wait...

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