Zen Studios Managing Director Zsolt Kigyossy has announced alongside a video that ZEN Pinball: Earth Defense Table is coming to PSN this week.

To quote: ZEN Studios has locked down this Thursday, March 25 as the official release date for Earth Defense, the latest expansion table for ZEN Pinball!

You can pick up the fun new table on the PlayStation Store for $2.49 - check out an exclusive sneak peak of the new Earth Defense table with the trailer below!

And that's just a small taste of what the Earth Defense table will deliver. Prepare yourself to save the world! The fate of the world is in your hands and it is your mission to overcome the panic and rid Pinball City of the alien invaders.

Check out the exciting new Earth Defense table tomorrow! For more information, you can always check out previous posts on the Blog or visit the official ZEN Pinball Web site at www.ZenPinball.com.

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