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    Video: White Knight Chronicles - PS3 Online Play Detailed

    Sony's Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has shared a video today which details White Knight Chronicles PS3 online play and revealed that it will launch across Europe on February 26, 2010.

    To quote: We've been talking about White Knight Chronicles for so long, that it's actually a bit hard for me to believe that it's only 2 weeks from hitting stores. But [checks calendar], that is indeed the case!

    A few days ago, we held a media event in San Francisco to allow reporters hands-on time with the online portion of the game in a team setting.

    I also sat down with US Producer Tsubasa Inaba to talk ask how robust the online feature set is with White Knight Chronicles.

    I can't think of another RPG whose online modes (if they even exist!) are so intertwined with the solo campaign, and so I can personally see myself investing a lot of time there in just two weeks.

    Also, we hope you've been enjoying the tutorial videos - a third one (featuring a dissection of the character creation options) will be debuting soon.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Thumbs Up Waiting to Try

    I'm an RPG fan but busy schedule as well as boredom (ironic huh?) keep me from investing a lot of time but I will have to check White Knight out!

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    wow, awesome, i wasn't really interested in this game before but thats only because i knew so little about it. There's just too many games to buy in the next 4 months!

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