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    Video: White Knight Chronicles Characters GamesCom Trailer

    Here is a new White Knight Chronicles 'Characters' trailer for PS3 from GamesCom earlier today.

    The video's caption simply reads: This band of friends is ready to fight for what's right.

    Some background details on the title, as follows: White Knight Chronicles, like most other console RPGs, is presented in third-person perspective.

    The player can freely choose which character to control. Like any other RPG, the characters gain experience points and level up, becoming stronger over the course of the game.

    Level-5 conceives White Knight Chronicles as having 100 hours of gameplay, a length Akihiro Hino considers to be a full length RPG, going against the pressure to make White Knight Chronicles a launch title and cutting the story short.

    Check out the trailer below!

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    mukumuku Guest
    What about a release date? I can't wait for this game...

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    All I see listed for a date is "Q1 2010" at the moment.

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