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Thread: Video: The Walking Dead: Season Two - Finale Trailer Revealed

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    Video: The Walking Dead: Season Two - Finale Trailer Revealed

    Telltale Games Community Lead Laura Perusco revealed the finale trailer video today for The Walking Dead: Season Two on PS3 and PS Vita below.

    To quote: The final episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two, 'No Going Back', will be available for download on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on Tuesday, August 26th!

    Don't miss the very special trailer we've put together for the finale. It contains HUGE spoilers for previous episodes of The Walking Dead Season One and Season Two, but there's nothing that will spoil the upcoming season finale for you.

    That said, we have included an all-new scene created specifically for this video. As this season comes to a close and you reflect on Clementine's journey thus far, we ask you to consider: Who will YOU become?

    As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks to ALL of you who've joined us in playing this season - we can't wait to share the finale with you.

    The Walking Dead is YOUR story, and the Clementine you're playing is YOUR Clementine. More than ever before, choices you've made in season one, as well as the choices you make in this finale, will TRULY decide what will happen next...

    [imglink=|Video: The Walking Dead: Season Two - Finale Trailer Revealed][/imglink]
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    Brenza Guest
    9.99€ for the first season pass for psvita
    9.99€ for the second season pass for psvita

    at this price i HAD to buy this wonderful game for psvita and be sure i'll get season 3 too

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