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Thread: Video: Viajerus PS3 iSO Loader... New Fake for 2009?

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    kobeone1212 Guest
    oh that's kool.. too bad its fake

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    Misled3k Guest
    I read elsewhere that: "The program is installed from linux and also creates the iso from linux, then load the program as a user on the ps3."

    Yet, I seriously doubt this will work... i think the small file size is a big hint to that it is fake.

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    phbr Guest
    yeah probably fake

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    jevolution Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Misled3k View Post
    i think the small file size is a big hint to that it is fake.
    if a real iso loader is ever made, i don't expect it to be much bigger than this, heck i'd even expect it to be smaller.

    unless of course its in the form of a CFW... but such things seem a long way off.

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    jcvargas524 Guest


    guys its fake get into youtube and you will see the same people that said that paradox works saying in the comments that it works and that they are having fun, its stupid, guys open the file with wordpad and try to read, the commands have nothing to do with ps3, i dont get it why is there people so stupid to make us lose our time...

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    Mother Brain Guest



    I have see the video, the suspicious user chose id section but no one have find a loophole. i have donwloaded the file and tested with many antivirus, no trojan, no backdoor, no spyware, no virus.

    for the extention, i don't know what is it and i don't know if this extention is used by the PS3. for finish, no explication for use this so i feel it's a fake.

    i prefer let experts say it definitely about this.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, aside from the poor video, with all of its problems, not to mention the selection window that looks quite strikingly similiar to something you would see in Windows, the file itself is garbage. Furthermore, the PS3 never, ever loads executable data that quickly, it takes a few seconds!

    As it was posted, the file magic matches none of those for ".vi" files, it is also not identified as any common file types, furthermore just with a quick glance with a hex editor, it looks like someone was just "mashing on the keyboard". Sure, I don't know who would waste there time making up a fake 2mb file, but to each his own.

    Seriously though, if a hack were to emerge, for starters it would definitely NOT be an ISO loader right off the rip, it would most likely be a Hello World.

    Yet again, its just some lamer wanting attention, and sadly, they get it, and waste the time of others who are making serious attempts and progress at taking care of our "little problem" with the PS3!

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    t3nk3n Guest
    it's fake. it's just a matter of time before the real iso loader will be release. I would say sometime around near end of this year.

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    Alu Guest
    It is all fake. Like paradox or ferrox..

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    omar8503 Guest
    Fakes piss everyone off, and everyone says its just someone wanting attention. I know you labeled it as fake in the news, but why post it in the front page news at all, its just helping to feed their e-fame.

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