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  1. #11
    bernd111 Guest
    but did anyone really try it out? you'd just have to do a chmod +x on the .vi file to see if it works
    event if there is an extension linux binaries don't need them.

    I currently don't have linux on my ps3 so i can't try it.

  2. #12
    GZA1984 Guest
    Well, I would have tried it but I do not have Linux on my Ps3. besides there is no tutorial to get this to work...

  3. #13
    DrAmir Guest


    ooops i'm late , anyway pw is : viajerus

  4. #14
    jevolution Guest
    * Wikipedia LabVIEW Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LabView

    Identifying Characters
    Hex: 52 53 52 43 0D 0A 00 03 4C 56 49 4E 4C 42 56 57 00
    that's definately not contained in the file.

    no luck actually getting labview to work either...

  5. #15
    residentour Guest
    This is 99.99% fake and 0.01% suspicious. I don't get it why people try to release fake things. All they get is swears, swears and swears

  6. #16
    B4rtj4h Guest

    Unhappy Sorry guys... nothing in Linux either :S

    Nothing in Linux!! I have tried it on my YDL 6.0 and it does nothing...

  7. #17
    Chevelle Guest
    I bet another hoax!

  8. #18
    IHM Guest
    Jeeze, the PS3 scene has really gotten lame, kinda makes you want to hide.

  9. #19
    idone Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by residentour View Post
    don't get it why people try to release fake things. All they get is swears, swears and swears
    i think they think it's funny,... or maybe to get a premium rapidshare or megaupload acct??

    It is sad that they do it at all though... but really i just hate ppl giving these things much attention... cuz thats what the ppl behind it want after all.

  10. #20
    MIKGamer Guest
    People really like to waste they're time (and the others) with useless fake things like this ... oh well

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