Tozai Games Director/Producer Brett Ballow has confirmed that Spelunker HD hits the European PSN Store tomorrow alongside a video trailer below.

To quote: Good news my fellow Spelunkers of SCEE territories - the wait is over! It's time to charge up your headlamps and push your cave exploring tendencies to all new heights... er, depths: Spelunker HD is coming to the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

Throughout your arduous adventure you will encounter all the wicked elements of Timothy Martin's original 1983 masterpiece, but with so many newly concocted ways to die it may feel a bit like a devilish set-up... a cave of untold riches guarded by more pits, tricks, traps and more enemies than are stars in the night sky.

But the only stars you'll be seeing for weeks will be the ones circling your head as you run, jump, blast and scratch your way ever deeper towards the 100,000 meter finale. The 100 newly devised caverns may be set in 10 brand new high definition environments, but are just as behemoth in size and complexity as you remember and expect. And getting to the bottom is only half the battle.

But that's not the only catch; Spelunker, reputedly the weakest character in all of gaming, lives up to his shameful reputation yet again. You'll have to pull off this insurmountable feat without so much as scraping a knee or the fragile explorer will undoubtedly get woozy and slip to his death.

Don't worry, what Spelunker lacks in physical prowess he makes up for in bravery... well, at least that's where you come in. You'll need to muster the bravery of two to embark on this epic adventure that has left so many others lurking about as ghosts.

Yep, that's right; plenty of gamers (now reduced to ghosts) have tried their hand at unlocking the ancient mysteries of this infernal cave, never again to be seen topside. There is a reason that this game received the PlayStation Store Top Sales Award in Japan for 2009, but don't think that brushing up on your Japanese will help your chances - the hordes of ghosts don't negotiate, and unsuspecting gamers of various languages, the world over, have been making the ultimate sacrifice for 28 years now. definitely braved the cave, and nominated the North American release of Spelunker HD in two game-of-the-year categories: Best Console DLC Standalone Game & Most Entertaining Platformer.'s JC Fletcher didn't leave his ghost underground and honored Spelunker HD with a top pick of 2010.

And's Eric G. called Spelunker HD a masterpiece and ranked it as the #1 PSN Game of the Year! Well, enough of the flattery - grab your steel cleats and as much dynamite as you can pack. With cooperative online multiplayer and competitive cave racing in addition to the lengthy single player experience, you will learn to crave the cave!

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