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Thread: Video: Toy Story 3 for PS3 - First Look at Exclusive Content!

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    Video: Toy Story 3 for PS3 - First Look at Exclusive Content!

    Today Producer John Day has shared a video trailer preview of some PlayStation 3 exclusive content from Toy Story 3: The Video Game for Sony's PS3 entertainment system which hits store shelves on June 15, 2010.

    To quote: We're hard at work finishing up Toy Story 3: The Video Game, due for release on June 15th. Toy Story 3 is much more than your average movie-based game.

    The game gives players two ways to experience Toy Story 3: Story Mode and Toy Box Mode, a sandbox style of gameplay set in the Toy Story universe.

    In Story Mode, the player plays as Buzz, Woody, and Jessie, each with their own unique play style, to play through eight action platforming levels.

    While not a complete retelling of the movie plot, the player will visit some of the places, and meet some of the new and classic characters that are in the film. We take the player to some totally new places as well. Also in Story Mode, we've stashed all of our collectibles. The collectibles, when found, allow the player to unlock new toys for the Toy Box.

    [viddler id=c327cb0f&w=437&h=288]

    The Toy Box is a totally different experience from Story Mode. Here we put the player in an open, non-linear environment and allow them to play with Andy's toys any way they like. The player is free to complete missions for different characters, customize the townspeople and buildings, race in various vehicles, and much more.

    The more adventurous and creative you are, the more you will get rewarded. I encourage you to unleash your imagination in this mode of the game.

    In the Toy Box, the player can play as Buzz, Woody, or Jessie. I am happy to announce that exclusively on the PlayStation 3, you can also play as Zurg! Zurg has many of his own unique missions. Whether it's driving around in his own custom vehicle, or blasting everything in sight with his tri-gun, players can help Zurg achieve his singular goal of eliminating Buzz Lightyear, or just do whatever else they'd like.

    I'm also excited to let you know that Toy Story 3: The Video Game will be compatible with PlayStation Move. It was cool working with Sony and this new technology to create downloadable mini-games designed specifically for this new motion controller. So, come Fall, there will be even more ways to play with Toy Story 3.

    Now, check out our Zurg exclusive trailer and game screens for a taste of what you can do as this dastardly villain, and don't forget to watch out for Toy Story 3: The Video Game in-stores, June 15th!

    [imglink=|Video: Toy Story 3 for PS3 - First Look at Exclusive Content!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Toy Story 3 for PS3 - First Look at Exclusive Content!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Toy Story 3 for PS3 - First Look at Exclusive Content!][/imglink]
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    what acdc song is that on the video?

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    Note sure on the tune, but for me is not a game.. for the child yes, it would be good to talk about it after..

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