SCEE European Product Manager Cristina Giuliano has posted up a video today of Tokyo Jungle, which is coming to Sony's European PlayStation Network in 2011.

To quote: I am happy to announce that Tokyo Jungle will be roaring into the European PlayStation Store in 2011.

You might have read about it on some of your favourite gaming sites and in magazine as it was one of the hidden gems at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Imagine a post apocalyptic Tokyo in which the human race has been wiped out and wild animals rule the planet. Finally, you'll get to discover if a tiger could kill a crocodile and if a Chihuahua could outrun a monkey.

Choose your creature and try to survive as long as you can, running around the city in search of prey. You have to watch your back though; it's a real jungle out there.

You can use your animal radar to detect targets and attack by surprise and, if things get bad for you during the battle, go for the vital organs to deliver a killing blow.

And don't forget that both prey and predator have strengths and weaknesses to be taken into account.

The devastated Tokyo landscape is as large as thousands of HD TV screens and the action scrolls seamlessly from left to right without you ever needing to switch screens.

We're hoping to bring you more information very soon but, in the meantime, dig your claws into these screenshots and the trailer.

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