Per Jeff Rubenstein (Social Media Manager) via PS Blog today:

Ever since Iíve returned from Tokyo, Iíve been bombarded with questions of "How was it???"

In a word: awesome. But itís kind of difficult to describe the overwhelming hugeness of Tokyo (thatís what the Travel Channel is for). As far as Tokyo Game Show is concerned - yeah, I can take that on.

Now I know many of you have been to shows such as PAX, The Old E3, E for All, or something smaller or more regional. TGS is much bigger. So with camera in hand, I tried to share with you the scope of TGS 08, as well as to show you what we had at our booth.


Tokyo Game Show *is* open to the public, and the 2009 edition will take place in September. Start saving your Yen now. More PlayStation 3 News...