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Thread: Video: TGS 2009 - New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Revealed

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    Video: TGS 2009 - New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Revealed

    Square Enix have been running a 3-day countdown on Final Fantasy XIII's official site with the promise of publicly unveiling the new Final Fantasy XIII trailer shown in private at this years TGS.

    That countdown has just finished revealing a brand new trailer (below) for all of you to enjoy.

    To quote: Visit the official site and select trailer 3 under the trailer section to view it in full. The trailer has also been sent out to major gaming websites with the instructions to post it after the official site.

    The trailer has also been added to the Japanese PlayStation Store in full 1080p.


    [imglink=|Video: TGS 2009 - New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Revealed][/imglink]
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    LadyBiker06 Guest
    I pre-ordered the Japanese version of Advent Children Complete that came with the FFXIII demo and loved it (even though I couldn't understand the language). Battles were smooth and quick, and if they plan on making a FFVII remake, I would rather work with a battle system like this than the one they used for the old FFVII.

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    naythan Guest
    As if people were not hyped enough already, this video gets released! I can't wait for ff13 to be released, think i will wait to the european version is released though.

    - on this new trailer, does anyone know if there is a translation of it?

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    mofokid Guest


    Can't wait to be immersed in this storyline!!!

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    AlucardXP Guest

    Thumbs Up

    This game looks good. Hopefully it should have a good storyline as well!

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    jackoliver Guest
    i'm so excited, i can't wait for this game to come out.

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    H4rdWear Guest
    For all the waiting we have to do for this game.. im sure it will meet all expectations.. however im waiting to see what they offer for making everyone wait, i mean really theyre holding some ace in their sleeve. If not ill still buy it and love the hell out of it!

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