PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi has revealed a preview of the latest episode 5 of The Tester today, and confirmed that it will be available in its entirety on PSN.

To quote: This week's episode is called "Buzz In or Buzz Off." The remaining 6 (only 6!) gamers take on a BUZZ!-themed quiz challenge testing their mastery of all things PlayStation.

It really heats up when SCEA's Director of First Party Quality Assurance, Jeff Wilkerson, joins the panel this week to evaluate who might have what it takes to work on one of his QA teams.

There's no place to hide in this episode and somebody is bound to crack under the pressure. This knowledge challenge is anything but trivial. Who's got the answers? Who has no clue?

Find out in Episode 5 and witness every twitch, lip quiver, high-five and blank stare to see who goes on and who goes home.
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The Tester is available in both Standard and High Definition formats from PlayStation Store and also showing in PlayStation Home - Theater 8, where another free cast T-shirt will be rewarded. (This week, it's a "Luge" shirt.) 'The Tester' commemorative items are also available in the Theater and Central Plaza kiosks.

And, also running through this weekend, you can catch up on the first half of the season during a special 'The Tester' Marathon of the first 4 episodes playing back-to-back in a separate theater through Sunday, March 21.

Thanks again for downloading and watching the series. Enjoy Episode 5 (of only 8)!

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