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Thread: Video: Test Yourself: Psychology Hits PlayStation Network Today

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    Video: Test Yourself: Psychology Hits PlayStation Network Today

    Creat Studios Marketing and PR Coordinator Bill Fryer has announced that Test Yourself: Psychology hits Sony's PlayStation Network today alongside a video, which allows fans to reveal their full psychological portrait.

    To quote: Bill from Creat Studios here with a very exciting news: All you fans that are looking for a deeper understanding of yourselves look no further than Test Yourself: Psychology coming soon to PSN.

    Test Yourself introduces audiences to a unique mental experience on the PlayStation Network and will be released as a series of packs, each devoted to specific areas of psychological activity.

    [viddler id=cda9c672&w=545&h=327]

    The first pack, Test Yourself: Psychology contains two initial blocks of tests - Nervous System and Intellect - and will be available for download on PSN on March 8th in North America $2.99 - practically free!

    [imglink=|Video: Test Yourself: Psychology Hits PlayStation Network Today][/imglink]
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    Pretikewl Guest
    Wow, Sony is getting sneakier and sneakier about doing market research on it's customers. You do realize all this info will be sent back to Sony's marketing department for evaluation...

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    dfennec Guest
    What better way to learn more about future defendants in lawsuits than their psychological profiles? I don't think so, Sony. Nice try.

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    moja Guest
    Does an avatar unlock for having the nervous system of a PS3 hacker?

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    fabian9907 Guest
    Oh Sony, you so sneaky. Too bad you're a little busy with LG riding your ass, and with the lawsuit for Geohot.

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    Bishoff Guest
    lol at "practically free". Only Sony would charge it's customers for their own market research.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    With recent developments the new theme song for $ony must be "I'm going slightly mad" by Queen. I would love to see the results of the $ony employees!!!

    I can see the new slogan for the PS4 - "Because you are crazy"

    And wait for it ... they might make this compulsory in the new TOS with the next firmware update!!!

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    CelticNinja Guest
    all joking aside I would love to have downloaded and played this game, the only thing preventing me, is I haven't accepted Sony's new TOS. if the company that released this game also released it on the 360 I'd buy it.

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