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    Video: Taiwanese Girls Demo Kung Fu Rider on PlayStation Move

    It wouldn't be fair to only show off girls demoing the Nintendo Wii, so today courtesy of PlayStationTaiwan via YouTube we have a video spotlighting Taiwanese girls demoing Kung Fu Rider on Sony's upcoming PlayStation Move PS3 Motion Controller.

    For those curious, Kung Fu Rider (previously known as Slider) is an upcoming 2010 action video game for the PlayStation 3 developed by Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for use with the new PlayStation Move controller.

    Players take the role of Tobio or Karin in the game, Tobio is a typical white-collar office worker while Karin is his secretary who has to escape from the Yakuza in Tokyo.

    Players have to utilize the Move controller to navigate through the crowded streets of Hong Kong, HKSAR on a sliding office chair. Players can move the controller up and down to increase speed while tilting it left and right would turn the chair while tapping the Move button would cause the character to spin and kick items out of the way.

    Players can cruise through the streets hopping over cars, juke left, right and pick up money along the way which act as points in the game and sliding through onscreen ticket outlines which will boost the game's meter which can trigger a burst of speed by jabbing at the PlayStation Eye.

    Finally, the game features realistic physics similar to the PlayStation Network game, Pain, where players will fly off the chair and crash in slow motion if the players loses the game. As players proceed deeper into the game, Yakuza enemies begin appearing on the way and attempt to attack the player using Bo staffs.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Shrink Guest
    I think they don't even know what they are doing. Watch it without sound once!

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    Even with sound, I can't understand it any better myself hehe...

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    humi Guest

    Big Grin

    i want the babes, you can have the move controller

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    tjay17 Guest


    Something is just very funny about this.

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    GooeyFinger Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Shrink View Post
    I think they don't even know what they are doing. Watch it without sound once!
    They are hot.. so who cares lol.

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