SCEE's James Gallagher shared some Swords and Sorcery E3 2011 video footage today with Deadmund's Quest for PlayStation Move on the PS3 entertainment system.

To quote: How time flies: at E3 2010 we were checking out Sports Champions and just one year later, Zindagi Games is back with Deadmund's Quest, a very different kind of game using the expertise the team has gained through developing for PlayStation Move.

I spoke with Jeremy Ray at E3 while Colin O'Hara played through an early level.

Deadmund's Quest is an action adventure set in a fantasy world of dungeons and goblins where the title character has been transformed into a skeleton and must overcome the curse.

Most interestingly, the team has developed a fluid control scheme that allows you to switch seamless between your sword, your throwing stars and your bow without the need for any kind of weapon change interface - you simply perform the required action with the Move motion controller.

[viddler id=cbdc2a90&w=640&h=380]

We'll be keeping an eye on Deadmund's Quest and will post when we hear of any new information.

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