O-Games General Manager Greg Lanz has posted up a video today spotlighting Superstars V8 Racing which is coming soon to Sony's PlayStation Network.

To quote: As the publisher for Superstars V8 Racing, we are excited to bring such a robust game to PlayStation Network.

Over the past few years we have watched the digital marketplace grow. As many publishers and developers launched digital products on the PSN platform, O-Games made a strategic decision to hold off until we had the perfect product.

Superstars V8 Racing is one of most robust, deep and graphically rich racing games on PSN, and at $19.99 it's going to be difficult for anyone to find a better bargain; Superstars V8 Racing is a full retail game packaged for PlayStation Network.

Dozens of official circuit tracks, head-to-head online play with up to seven other players, and big name brand cars make this a great racing game.

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Why did we drop the retail disc, and go digital on the PSN?

A little over six months ago, we had aspirations to take Superstars V8 Racing to the retail channel. We took the title on tour to the major North American retailers and tried to find a market for the game.

The retailers really enjoyed the title, it simply came down to limited shelf space at each location and trying to slot the game between other titles being released. O-Games had a critical decision to make; we could wait for the retailers to have room for our game, or we could take the exact same game and place it on PlayStation Network.

Once we decided to take the full version game and place it on the PSN store, we began to realize that many of the costs associated with taking the product to retail no longer applied.

We no longer had to account for manufacturing discs, packaging, shipping, returns, retail marketing and other costs. So, here we were with a $39.99 retail game which was getting less expensive for us to ship to the consumer, and ultimately we decided to pass the savings on to gamers.

As you play Superstars V8 Racing, keep in mind that you are playing a game that was planned for a $39.99 retail launch but given to you for $19.99. Sometimes consumers do win! Now off to the races.

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