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    Video: Stunning New DC Universe Online Blur PS3 Trailer Arrives

    Sony's European Product Manager Elliott Linger has shared another (see the previous one HERE) stunning new DC Universe Online Blur PS3 trailer to wrap up coverage from Comic-Con 2010 today.

    To quote: Topping off our week of DC Universe Online Comic-Con updates we now have for you the crowning glory of blog posts, the trailer to beat all trailers (indeed a MUST see for all you comic fans out there!) the intro cinematic for DC Universe Online.

    Available on PS3 and PC later this year, the incoming Massively Multiplayer Online Action game is one you simply don't want to miss...


    Video: Stunning New DC Universe Online Blur PS3 Trailer Arrives

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    heroes die...

    I'm assuming this is the future were the villains kill superman and his allies. Lex Luthor, after he defeat/killed superman then he just realize he got blind by his obsession which the true enemy is Brainiac.. i love the pre-rendered videos makes me wants to buy the game but i need to see the "latest" gameplay just to make sure its a "must buy" game.

    Demon's souls epic game.

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