Laughing Jackal Senior Producer Al Evans has revealed today along with a video trailer that Stellar Attack is heading to PS3 and PSP Minis via PSN.

To quote: I'm pleased to announce that Laughing Jackal's first PlayStation minis title, Stellar Attack, is to be released on the PSN Store on June 1st for the PSP and PS3.

Stellar Attack is an homage to classic shoot-em-up Star Castle, and is also inspired by a range of action-puzzle games, featuring a mix of score-chasing puzzles, fast action and precision targeting.

Here's some background to the game (featuring the best story I could think of in under five minutes!):

[viddler id=bdea409e&w=328&h=545]

Deep in space, a lost starfighter is trapped by a series of evil turrets; turrets that are generating a purple energy field which is preventing the starfighter from returning home.

To make things more difficult, these evil robo-turrets surround themselves with vast strings of protective coloured orbs. Using its multicoloured laser, our intrepid starfighter must blast a path through the orbs to destroy the turrets in each level - and if it can achieve a new high score on the way, then so much the better. In the future, everyone knows that the only language an evil robotic turret understands is destruction...and a good high score.

Stellar Attack's "racking" multiplier score system means that you only build good scores by hitting orbs consistently with the right colored lasers. Breaking your chain of hits resets your multiplier and messes up your score, ruining your starfighter's day and making evil turrets laugh at you.

If score-chasing, orb-blasting, turret-destroying, old-school puzzle action is your idea of fun (who's isnt?) then Stellar Attack has everything you need.

Some of Stellar Attack's best features:

- Old school shooter gameplay blended with score-chasing puzzle elements.
- Vibrant, colourful presentation and a thumping soundtrack.
- "Racking" multiplier score system offers great replayability.
- Six different craft to master.
- "Vector" and "Direct" control schemes to suit old-school and fast-action play styles.

Stellar Attack is our first release on the US PSN Store, so please check it out - we hope you like it!

[imglink=|Video: Stellar Attack Heads to PS3 and PSP Minis via PSN][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Stellar Attack Heads to PS3 and PSP Minis via PSN][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Stellar Attack Heads to PS3 and PSP Minis via PSN][/imglink]
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