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    Video: Sports Champions Table Tennis on PlayStation Move

    Sony Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has made available a video today spotlighting Sports Champions Table Tennis on PlayStation Move for the PS3 entertainment system.

    To quote: If you've previously played a tennis or ping pong video game, you might have an idea of what it's like to play Table Tennis in Sports Champions. You might also be wrong :)

    We wanted to wrap up Sports Champions Week with Table Tennis, because what might seem to be a very basic game proves itself to be quite complex when you factor in the precision of PlayStation Move.

    In this video, producer Jeremy Ray demonstrates how the paddle is replicated in 3 dimensions, X, Y, and Z-axis tracking, and also shows off multiplayer and how you too can fend off a robot attack with ping pong balls.

    That concludes Sports Champions Week, which will be available in the PlayStation Move bundle this very weekend. If you missed them, please take a look at our Archery, Gladiator Duel, and Disc Golf videos. The final game also includes Bocce and Beach Volleyball.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    tonybologna Guest
    This looks cool but I did notice some problems. A lot of times it looks like the ball is way passed/away from the player but you can still hit it back over. It should be based just like real-life table tennis and not allow you to get it back over if you're late or too far away to hit the ball. This will make points take forever sometimes.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tonybologna View Post
    A lot of times it looks like the ball is way passed/away from the player but you can still hit it back over.
    I got the Move on friday, and me, my girlfriend, and some other friends have been playing this quite a bit the past couple of days.

    Yes, it does allow you to hit it back some of the time. There is a small window of forginess in the game on return hits, but it's not always consistent.

    I've seen times where I couldn't have been off more than a split second and missed, and others were my girlfriend took what looked like a full second to hit and still got it. This is with everyone choosing the Bronze difficulty for the player. So I'm not sure how it calculates time for returns.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Yeah! It just didn't look right to me. I know this is new but from the video things didn't look good for the table tennis game with timing and distance.

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    aboerstra Guest
    I have the move. And this game is very, very good. I have played table tennis competitively. I have played ping pong on the Wii as well.

    Nothing previously simulated compares to this. The timing is very realistic. The 1-to-1 controller action is perfect in this game. The smashes, spins, and ball control is incredible, and I can play and control the ball with the same kind of movements that I would in a real game.

    I've seen others play, and have difficulty. Mostly because they are swinging in such a way that would yield the same results in real life. Because your exact wrist movements are tracked, it's not enough to simply swing at the right time. You must swing as you would in a real game with the angle correct.

    It also helps to ensure that you are standing far enough back to have enough space to work.

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