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    I think Kevin Butler is the best thing that happened to Sony other than the jailbreak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleepdroid View Post
    The case lookslike my mobilephone. Who wants that tv ? what is it 24" ? i had a 42" for gaming. but i put that tv in the bedroom and bought a 46" for gaming.

    With sonys 3D tv , how near should we sit to see a game on that "mobile display".
    The same feeling remains no matter how big you go. I have a 150" display (projector) in my theater, but I also run an HDMI splitter so that I can play on the 52" in my living room. Any time I use the 52" I feel like everything is so small and hard to see lol.

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    i dislike that kevin butler guy.. typical loud and arrogant. and not funny... meh

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    Haha, I see the only way to sell new gimmicks nowadays is to make yourself look stupid.

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    look at his mouth... it's make me wanna slap his mouth with my japanese sandals

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    Quote Originally Posted by YuuZA View Post
    Man you guys are lucky to have this offer, hope they bring that display to other territories like South Africa

    Sadly that case is not included but very enticing and misleading making people believe you will get it.

    Maybe we can fight Kevin for one haha.
    Do not feel bad that you're missing out on this offer because it's pretty weak in my opinion simply based on the quality of the display.

    I hope I can save some people some heartache by saying at the very least, MAKE SURE YOU CAN WATCH THIS TV AND IN 3D MODE BEFORE YOU BUY IT. Sony's 3D is terrible. I've sold tv's for about 6 years (I have ZERO brand loyalty) and I got a screaming deal on the best Sony 3D LED without going to the (at the time) $3000 XBR series.

    Let me tell you that Sony's 3D is really really bad. There is not very good depth, which may not necessarily be a HUGE deal, but the cross talk on it is terrible. Cross talk is when you get like a faint double vision outline of something on the screen that you're watching.

    I saw Avatar in 3D in the theatres to see what all the hype was about, then got the chance to watch it again on my Sony at home. The cross talk and the trouble that the TV/glasses had keeping up with scenes with lots of action/motion made it almost unwatchable, and might make you sick if you're motion sensitive.

    Simply put, unless Sony has seriously upgraded their displays and this TV is a different generation, do not waste your money.

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    Err - this is NOT TV - it's instead (semi-computer) screen with 2 HDMIs and Component inputs more or less dedicated to PS3 / PSP / Vita - so anyone heer yaping about Sony "TV" is barking at a wrong tree. Also - you can't compare it to any other TV - Sony, Samsung or any other - this has different (more PC monitor than TV) technology and also some unique features not available on TVs - one of them is specifically the decreased crosstalk and other the is the quite interresting SimulView.

    Also - not everyone has the space to fit in 42"+ screen - students or someone having 2nd playstation in bedroom or another location - there is always market for "small" screens like that.

    It pays to KNOW something about the stuff you're trying to criticize first

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    It was back in the 90s people was using a TV , when the TVs only had Tv antenna cable input and scart.And the "TV"s was a Fat-TV.

    todays LCD tvs is like a monitor. I use my 42" full-hd LCD tv as a monitor for my computer now. It has Hdmi, component , vga and Dvi inputs.

    Off course i could have a use of sonys 24" , in the bathroom, so i can play when i take a dump.

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    It's an LCD screen. Simulview does not excuse such a price difference with other models. I also sold TV's (LCD, computer screens or whatever you wanna call it) for over 2 years in a big chain of stores.

    Sony's are most expensive, and their quality are getting worse. To the point where they had to make a deal with Samsung to let them build the screens for them.

    This is another piece of crap they couldn't sell in the "TV" department so they threw it to the Sony Computer Entertainment branch.

    In terms of display and LCD/LED technology Sony is outdated and expensive compared to the concurrence. DO NOT BUY THIS.
    Whatever you wanna call it, its not worth the price.

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