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Thread: Video: Sony Unveils PlayStation Access TV Episode 8 Footage

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    Video: Sony Unveils PlayStation Access TV Episode 8 Footage

    PlayStation Community Manager MusterBuster has unveiled Access TV episode 8 today, which spotlights the open world of Saints Row: The Third among the features outlined below.

    To quote: The weekend is nearly here, so to help you through those last few hours of weekly toil, we've got the latest episode of Access to bathe your eyes in.

    Game of the Week this time around is THQ's open-world gang 'em up, Saints Row: The Third. As well as taking an extensive look at the game's crazy antics, there's developer insight from Volition's Greg Donovan and Scott Phillips to enjoy.

    Like the odd bit of dressing up? Then make sure you check out Access' visit to the London Comic Con, as they get up close and personal to an army of dedicated cosplayers, plus get to grips with some of PS3's most current blockbusters, including Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Street Fighter X Tekken.

    It's not all about the games this week either, as PS3's premier music video service, VidZone, can attest.

    Access visited the re-launch party in London and spoke to VidZone's Jon Pike and Adrian Workman about the exiting new features that you can look forward to. In short - the interface is now super-pretty and browsing your music library is easier than ever.

    To finish off, there's your customary course of news from the world of PS3, including a sneak-peak at new Lord of the Rings title, War in the North, plus the usual round up of all the latest and best content on the PlayStation Store.

    [imglink=|Video: Sony Unveils PlayStation Access TV Episode 8 Footage][/imglink]
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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I like how Saints row the third focuses more on the fun aspect of the game even though it is highly unrealistic. GTA 4 was good and all but they cared more about realism and not too much about the features that made the game fun (Ex. Tattoo's, Gym, Hair cuts, etc).

    Anyways I think they're both different games but they're both great games . Fifa street 2 was a great and fun game and so was Fifa street 3, I really hope Fifa street 4 is better than both the previous games though.

    Also for anyone who likes fast and exciting racing games I would get Motorstorm, the game is amazing.

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    elser1 Guest
    saints row the 3rd has a giant purple dildo as a weapon and hos in shipping containers with fisting machines... LOL

    can't wait to pik up my preorder!!

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