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Thread: Video: Sony Unveils Access Episode 10 - On The PSN Store

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    Video: Sony Unveils Access Episode 10 - On The PSN Store

    PlayStation Access Community Manager MusterBuster has unveiled Access Episode 10 today, showcasing what is new on the PSN Store below.

    To quote: Make sure you catch the man Zack Ryder as THQ's man-chucking WWE '12 hits the Game of the Week canvas in episode 10, with developer insight from Lead Gameplay Designer, Bryan Williams.

    There's more sporty goodness in the form of the GT Academy - the programme that takes elite Gran Turismo players and trains them up to be real life racing superstars. Access goes behind the scenes to check out the inner workings of the academy, plus takes a spin around Silverstone with resident champion, Jann Mardenborough.

    If your games shelf is sagging under the weight of all those end-of-year blockbusters, why not have your say on which you thought was the best of the best in the first Access Game of the Year award?

    This episode gets the ball rolling as we show off 2011′s gaming highlights - to cast your vote head to

    As always, there's a roundup of the best content on the PlayStation Store - including the ace Robin DLC for Arkham City - and a look at the week's biggest news stories.

    Access is available on YouTube every Friday - to make sure you never miss an episode, head to and hit subscribe.

    [imglink=|Video: Sony Unveils Access Episode 10 - On The PSN Store][/imglink]
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    I laughed out loud when I saw Zack Ryder in the start. For anyone who doesn't know who he is, he used to be a wrestler no one liked, until he made a youtube channel. The rest is self explanatory. WWE '12 just seems like the same thing as SvR 11, but I do like the "create your arena" mode. But since they included Brock Lesnar in the game, can't they include the UFC ring.

    Also I'm surprised that the game "who wants to be a millionaire" can't be played with a Buzz controller or didn't even get a mention if it could. I guess sony don't care about the Buzz controller anymore.

    P.S. If anyone wants to share their most favorite game of 2011 (as shown in the video) you can share it in this ( thread.

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