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Thread: Video: Sony Throws PS3 at Bravia TV to Kickstart a Give-away

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    Video: Sony Throws PS3 at Bravia TV to Kickstart a Give-away

    Today a video has surfaced showing a new PS3 Slim being thrown at 50mph into one of Sony's latest Bravia LCD TVs.

    The stunt is part of Sony Australia's Bravia Bonus PS3 promotion, and those interested can see it in slow-motion below.

    To quote from the video's YouTube page: Sony has literally put to the test what happens when you bring BRAVIA and PlayStation 3 together. In the first-ever, controlled conditions test of its kind, the new PS3 slim-line console has been catapulted into a BRAVIA LCD TV.

    Fast facts on the crash test:

    - PS3 Trajectory: Parabolic
    - Impact Speed: 80km/hr = 22m/sec
    - Mass of PS3: 3.2kg
    - Kinetic energy of PS3 at point of impact: 774.4 joules
    - PS3 deceleration: 246.9g = 2420 m/sec squared
    - Force of PS3 on BRAVIA TV screen: 7744.0 newtons = 790.2kg force
    - Sled deceleration: 40.0g = 392m/sec squared
    - Force on sled: 470400.0newtons, 48000kg force = 48 tonnes force
    - One 25kg metal bar stops the sled at the end of the track. A new bar is needed for every test
    - Track speed: 80km
    - Launch angle: 5 degrees
    - Sled weight: 1.2 tonnes
    - Track length: 60 metres, speed reaches 80km at 1 metre before impact
    - Length PS3 travels when released: 3.19metres
    - BRAVIA TV is mounted 2 metres from wall

    [imglink=|Video: Sony Throws PS3 at Bravia TV to Kickstart a Give-away][/imglink]
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    equivocator Guest
    You know, I actually think this is effective. It's framed very well, and gets the point across in that trademark obscure Sony fashion. (That fashion being never really addressing the actual advertisement material haha)

    I wonder how many Bravia's they went through before they got a shot with the PS3 logo facing outwards just perfectly...

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    yochaivaadia Guest

    bravia vs ps3

    i think the ps3 won

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    semitope Guest
    they are giving away 25,000 bravias? Is that what the info is saying?

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    hacked2123 Guest
    And I bet someone on the filming crew got themselves a free PS3 after the shoot. With so few moving parts, the only thing I can think of to go wrong would be the BD-ROM drive, and even then all of it is just about spring loaded, or gear driven, giving it resistance to impact, or can be put back into place after impact. Lucky.

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    Rob777 Guest
    they've been giving away PS3's with Sony LCD's for at least a year now. They're always advertised in the Sunday junk mail catalogues. I bought a 32in Sony Bravia about 9 months ago and I got a free 40GB.

    Still a darn good offer I reckon, or you can sign up to some mobile phone contacts in Australia and get a xBox 360...

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